Web Development


Web Development

Currently, out of all retail sales, 60% is influeced digitally. North America’s e-commerce accounts for 15% of it and in China its already in the 23%. With the continious advancement of technology and customers increasing e-commerce sales through the mobile market, web development need to be fully responsive and be available cross-platforms.

That line between the digital and the physical world is quickly disappearing, customers nowadays expect to interact with any business in a combined manner: Digital and In-Person.

Do you currently have a website that needs a redesign? Do you need to start a new Digital Presence? Or, need to translate your current business model from the physical world to the digital one? Broad PC aims for top customer satisfaction. Along with our team of experts, we design and develop the solution you need in order to position your brand, increase sales and make of your business, a success story.

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APP Design & Development

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We offer the following solutions:
  • iOS -  Android
  • HTML5 Development -  P.W.A.
  • Cross-Platform Development