With Broad PC Inc. Consulting and Infrastructure Planning we can implement and administer the right solution for businesses as well as support and maintenance of software and hardware such as workstations, servers, (PC, Mac and Linux), tablets, smartphones, printers, etc. We understand our customers needs, our objective is to implement the technology required into an efficient and cost effective solution.

We apply our decades of collective knowledge to ensure your company infrastructure is built properly to facilitate success. From Virtualizations, Cloud Services, Onsite Management to Web Development, our team of technical  consultants will analyze and apply the technologies you need for the right solution.

Let us drive your business forward, learn more about how our I.T. Services and Specialized Products can help your business/organization in the following areas:
Managed Services & Consulting, Cloud Services, Software & Hardware Sales, Project Management, Web Development and Security/Disaster Recovery Services.


At Broad PC we offer an integral solution in business web development that goes with your business success, including digital web platforms, sites, app development, e-commerce solutions in order to position and increase sales.

Need to re-fresh your current Corporate/Brand Image or need to create and position one? Not to worry, let us take care of your Graphic and Image needs.



  • Managed Services

    With so many managed service providers and IT consulting firms vying for your attention, it is increasingly difficult to choose the best one to take care of your business and IT environment. You need the perfect blend of experience and a company who “gets” you, a rare combination these days. [Click here to read more]

  • Consulting and Support Services

    Broad PC is proud to offer outstanding technology consulting services for all types of businesses and industries. Whether you have an existing system in place or need to build or rebuild one, we are your solution provider. We specialize in many different technologies and services to architect, setup, migrate, or maintain your IT needs. [Click here to read more]


  • Software & Hardware Sales

    Choosing the proper computer and hardware for your business infrastructure is critical to end-user productivity. Computer issues or decrepit equipment can cost your company not only the price of new equipment, but also an exorbitant amount in wasted employee productivity. [Click here to read more]

  • VoIP Systems

    Nextiva is a Voice over IP company that offers all the bells and whistles that a phone system can deliver, with easily deployment, online management as well as great customer service and support, your business of any size can be up and running quickly with a robust solution that allows you go from your desk phone to your cell phone with a touch of a couple keys without losing that important call. [Click here to read more]


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    AWS -> Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving, cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It offers a mix of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). [Click here to read more]

  • Hybrid Cloud Environment

    When your business needs a hybrid environment with on-premise services as well as private or public Cloud infrastructure, Broad PC designs and supports the right solutions for your company. [Click here to read more]

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. [Click here to read more]

  • Migration Lift and Shift

    There are different types of cloud migrations an enterprise can perform. One common model is “Lift and Shift”. [Click here to read more]

  • Cloud Architecture Design

    Cloud Solutions Design is based on architectural procedures and methods that deliver cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring for your business. [Click here to read more]

  • Office 365

    Office 365 is a subscription service offered by Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Office product line. [Click here to read more]

  • G Suite

    G Suite is a line of subscriptions services such as cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google. [Click here to read more]


  • Network Topology Design

    Network Topology Design is an essential part of the planning process of building your business IT infrastructure. [Click here to read more]

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings whether your business has on-premises or a Cloud environment. As a result, virtualization reduces downtime and adds significant flexibility to upgrade, move, and add resources with minimal or no downtime.

    [Click here to read more]


  • Web Design & Development

    Do you currently have a website that needs a redesign? Do you need to start a new Digital Presence? Or, need to translate your current business model from the physical world to the digital? Broad PC aims for top customer satisfaction, along with our team of experts we [Click here to read more]

  • Mobile Apps

    We understand the impact and evolution of mobile applications.
    We develop mobile applications based on the main needs of the audience to achieve optimal performance in every project. Our Development is natively handled, offering an scalable app with the best performance and user experience on the main mobile OS: iOS and Android.[Click here to read more]

  • E-commerce Solutions

    As mentioned before, customers expect to have not only information from your products and services or even purchase them directly or indirectly, they expect to be able to interact with your company from their devices. We are ready to help you not only sell your products and services but to have great customer relationships [Click here to read more]


  • Anti-virus

    Antivirus is preventative software designed to protect equipment from malicious language, information theft, data breach, spam, and spy software. Broad PC provides consulting to determine the best software for your business. [Click here to read more]

  • Firewall Security and Protection

    Firewall protection is the most valuable security tool a business can have. A firewall is the program that protects your business data against anyone trying to steal your information, spread a virus, attempt a brute force attack on your company, and many more malicious endeavors. [Click here to read more]

  • Intrusion Protection

    An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a network security/threat prevention technology that examines network traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits. [Click here to read more]

  • Patching & Monitoring

    Broad PC offers complete device management service and deployment, inventory, and security of Macs, iPads, iPhones, computers, servers, and network equipment. We ensure automation and manage vital tasks such as patch management while driving end-user productivity. [Click here to read more]

  • PCI Security Compliance

    PCI Compliance helps merchants gain the trust of their customers by proving that they have implemented industry standard measures that will keep their information secure. As more and more companies accept payments and facilitate financial transactions online, so do regulators require stricter security measures. [Click here to read more]

  • Ransomware Protection

    Our security policies deliver proven, powerful protection from Ransomware such as Petya, WannaCry, Osiris and others. Moreover, it’s completely compatible with all platforms and current infrastructures. [Click here to read more]

  • VPN Security

    Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are private networks through the internet. Whatever tunnel you need for managing encryption, Broad PC makes sure you are using the latest technology and client software to connect and retrieve sensitive and valuable data from your business, anywhere in the world. [Click here to read more]