Google GSuite

G Suite is a line of subscriptions services such as cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google.

With G Suite, companies can now use robust products such as Gmail for business email, Google apps for file/document collaboration online, file storage with Google Drive, and more without needing to invest in purchasing and deploying hardware. Moreover, a G suite subscription no longer necessitates purchasing Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Instead, your end-user would be able to quickly edit and create documents online using G suite editors such as Google Docs (Microsoft Word equivalent) and Google Sheets (Microsoft Excel equivalent) as well as have access to the Gmail email client via your web browser.

Broad PC is a leading solutions provider for designing, implementing, and migrating businesses to G Suite for all industries. Our engineers can assess your company’s needs and deliver a cost-effective solution to get your business running with G Suite.

By using G Suite, businesses of any size can take advantage of having advanced, stable, and secure systems deployed quickly just by signing up with G Suite and paying as-you-go for licenses.  Whether you need to work in a hybrid environment or solely on cloud-based offerings, Broad PC is your ultimate G Suite solutions provider.