Nextiva VoIP Systems


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Nextiva is a Voice over IP company that offers all the bells and whistles that a phone system can deliver, with easily deployment, online management as well as great customer service and support, your business of any size can be up and running quickly with a robust solution that allows you go from your desk phone to your cell phone with a touch of a couple keys without losing that important call, when there is a power outage you can still receive and make business phone calls using the Nextiva app on your cell phone. For business with multiple locations you can have all the integration you need and call another extension across the country as if you were in the same building, Nextiva offers automated answer systems, call transfers you named it.

Broad PC not only is using Nextiva but has also implemented and migrated existing customers to Nextiva phone systems without up-front cost, Nextiva charges a pay as you go fee and we as a partner may be able to get free desk phones for all your users! We are talking about an entire phone system with no upfront cost except the monthly service fee per phone per month with unlimited calling. If you are looking for a new VoIP phone system look no further call Broad PC today and we will together with Nextiva design a system and plan that is right for your business.

In today’s business world, mobility, reliability and specially flexibility is the key factor to stay ahead in a competitive and global industry. Nextiva focuses on the area of cloud-based communication, Nextiva claims its telephone and other technology services are currently used by 150,000 businesses. With that in mind Broad PC choose to offer Nextiva Voip Phone systems to our customers.