PCI Security Compliance

PCI Security Compliance

PCI Compliance helps merchants gain the trust of their customers by proving that they have implemented industry standard measures that will keep their information secure. As more and more companies accept payments and facilitate financial transactions online, so do regulators require stricter security measures. As a result, merchants must be aware of the regulatory requirements to avoid financial liabilities.

Compliance and audit services are one of the fasting growing departments internally at companies because of the recent storm of cyberattacks. Companies are investing in security compliance and audit processes, but if done incorrectly or inefficiently they could waste valuable company time and resources.

One of the biggest challenges with security compliance is not necessarily its implementation, but being resolutely persistent to properly update the environment. Every day servers go through alterations that if not closely monitored will expose vulnerabilities that are subject to exploitation and will require human intervention to be remediated.

Security is a pillar in the Broad PC mindset and we take it very seriously. With that in mind, Broad PC offers services that your business needs to increase security and keep your environment compliant.

  •  – Security Policy Document (internal and external security policies & documentations)
  •  – Health (and vulnerabilities) check cycle
  •  – Device security compliance
  •  – User awareness
  •  – Policy change management
  •  – Patch management cycle
  •  – Audit process
  •  – Automation

(Regardless of whether your company gets payments electronically, we are here to help walk you through becoming PCI compliant) Additionally, we guide your company through the PCI compliance accreditation process.