Executive Summary

SafetyPark, Inc. is a full-service valet and parking management company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Their business needed innovation to solve problems of cost, lost data, and inflexibility. Based on their business requirements, they needed a reliable and cost-effective cloud provider that would provide resources when they needed them.


About the Customer

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SafetyPark has earned a reputation for their hospitality, safety, and service. They are constantly investing in their company to make enhancements to their technology, apps, and employee training programs to improve convenience and ultimately their guest’s/client’s experience.


Customer Challenge

Technological growth wasn’t congruent with company growth. SafetyPark needed a stable infrastructure to support their daily operations, avoid losing data, and to control costs by effectively using the latest technology.


Why AWS?

 AWS has a global infrastructure that provides IT resources on demand and allows customers to scale globally fast. AWS offers a financial strategy to pay-as-you-go which provided SafetyPark more agility, reliability, and flexibility, all while adding layers of security.


Why Broad PC was chosen as their AWS Partner

Broad PC is an AWS APN Consulting partner that has deep customer facing experience and has the skills to translate client requirements into business direction via the use of technology. The Broad PC team facilitated the project by understanding SafetyPark’s needs as well as any current systems limitations.


Technical Health Check Assessments were performed by Broad PC expert-certified professionals and led by our project managers. The THCA allowed us to identify key improvement areas for SafetyPark to reduce and eliminate IT limitations and to allow them to continue their service operation.


Partner Solution

Broad PC leveraged AWS global infrastructure to design a solution that was globally scalable with lowest administrative overhead. The solution was based on Microsoft Workloads, comprised of:

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Terminal Service

Microsoft DNS Domain Name Service

Microsoft File Share storage Service


We integrate those solutions using AWS servers such as EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, Security Groups, AD Connector, AWS WorkSpaces, and AWS Managed VPN.


Results and Benefits

By leveraging AWS Cloud services, SafetyPark established a centralized infrastructure and improved IT management processes. The AWS global infrastructure provided additional layers of reliability to secure their business data. Even amidst the global pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, AWS WorkSpaces made it simple for their team to keep working remotely and enforce internal company policies and regulations.


Next Steps

SafetyPark is very happy with Broad PC’s consulting services, especially since the solutions implemented helped keep better control of their IT budget. More applications are on the road map to migrate to AWS.

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